Neighbors in action

Please share photos of how you are cultivating a reciprocal relationship with the earth!

Cass Sharp with her chickens (photo by Amber Bauhoff)

Cass Sharp with her chickens – see her blog about them on our Voices of Austerlitz page! (Photo credit Amber Bauhoff)

Jack McDonald compost

Jack MacDonald next to his compost bin

Paige Ruane electric car

Paige Ruane charging her electric car


Becky, Tom and Finn Sternal in front of their green roof


Becky Sternal charging her electric car


The Sternals in front of their solar panels


Rachel Wood and Enzo Serrano-Wood harvesting from their garden


Edward Serrano putting food scraps in his compost bin


If you are an Austerlitz resident, please send us a portrait of you taking climate action!  Send to w/subject line “My Climate Action Austerlitz”. Provide your name and who and what is featured in the photo (for caption).  We’ll include it here!

“…if everyone focused their love, care, and commitment to protecting and regenerating their local places, while respecting the local places of others, then a side effect would be the resolution of the climate crisis.”  ~ Charles Eisenstein, Climate: A New Story