Progressive new (and Old!) Farming IDEAS

Progressive new (and Old!) Farming IDEAS

Climate chaos projections change dramatically as we envision scenarios with a wide range of techniques and solutions.

Project Drawdown explains how Farming can help actually reverse climate change through reduction of emissions coupled with carbon sinks.

Agriculture, food, and land use produces about one quarter of the world’s Greenhouse gases but has the potential to more than offset those CO2e emissions by sequestering carbon in the soil. 

Radical Vision for a thriving community

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Stone Barns Center is an R&D lab advocating an ecological food culture.

Their Hudson Valley, New York Vision showcases a vision for the year 2050:

  • Groundbreaking research on ecologically sound farming and food production 
  • Farmers have deep relationships with chefs and local culinary and craft businesses
  • Regenerative farming is a common practice for small and medium-sized farms
  • Hudson Valley families have access to an affordable and more nutritious local diet
  • An ecological food culture exists, supported and encouraged through market demand